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File To Oracle

Platform: Windows
Price: $ 29.99
File Size: 2.1 MB
License: Commercial
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File to Oracle is a Windows application tool that enables Oracle SQL Server users to import their files into a Data Table. Users have the ability to select between multiple file formats including Microsoft Excel and choose a variety of options to transfer your data files in the most convenient way.

List Of Features

• Transfer file types (txt, csv, xlsx (M Excel), xls (M Excel)) to Oracle DB Server.
• Execute large data transfers (+1 Million Records) in less than 4 minutes.
• Conveniently select your files using the drag and drop feature.
• Preview header rows and columns to adjust the destination data table to your needs.
• Reuse the auto generated sql statements to execute table task operations and easily retrieve the data.
• Utilize multiple sessions using the application tabs and save you sessions for future use.

Screenshots / Sample Work

Screenshot 1 - Connecting Sources Step Screenshot 2 - Data Transfer Step

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorial 1 - Transfer Large Excel Files into a Oracle Server Database with Ease

Software Requirements for File Types

Microsoft Excel 06-17 [xlsx, xls] / CSV Excel, Access 06-17, OpenOffice Portable [csv]
Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable
Provider Download: Microsoft Access Engine Download Site
Text File Format [txt]
No additional Requirements

Specification Requirements

CPU: x64, x86 processor.
Memory: 4 GB RAM (recommended minimum).
Hard disk space: 2 GB on the system disk (required to extract all components from the setup package during the product installation).
Network: Internet recommended due to auto update functionality (Check periodically).
Software / OS
The 64-bit or x86 versions of the following operating systems are supported:
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 8.x
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
Microsoft Windows Vista
Oracle ODP.NET Drivers
ODP.NET driver for Oracle (32 bit)
Oracle Client 32 bit for Windows 12C+
Oracle Client 32 bit For Windows

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