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 Web Calendar.. 
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8:25 am

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Hi, First of all, thank you very much for this great script. It is very handy and practical. I have two questions: 1. Although I have changed the month names in myEventsCalendar.php, on my website name of the months are still in English. Are there any other variables that I am missing ? 2. How can I open the event details in a new window ? Thank you. Regards.. Emre
 Re:Web Calendar.. 
3:11 pm

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Mr Emre, In order to change the name of the months to another language you will have to modify method getMonthName(). What I would do is something like: function getMonthName($month, $day, $year) { $myresult = date("F", mktime(0, 0, 0, $month, $day, $year)); if($myresult == "January"){ $myresult = "Insert January on another language here"; }else if($myresult == "February"){ $myresult = "Insert February on another language here"; } //and so on return $myresult; } To open the event details in a new window I would be changing the following method in file myEventsCalendar.php: //output javascript submit form (handler) method echo "\n"; The days link always calls goToDetails(). Thus, you can add the code for displaying a popup in this method. There is an excellent article on how to do this at our following page tutorial: and then pass whatever parameters to the popup in the query string. Let us know for more questions, Thanks, Moderator #4435
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