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 PHP, MySql, Ajax Draggable Shopping Cart 
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5:32 am

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Hey, guys, I just recently began programming on the prototype ajax framework, and my experience with the Ajax Shopping Cart from Erobo has been so far awesome. I bought this shopping cart last month and so far has been working smootly since then. Thanks for helping me, Peter Welsh, ADT, Programmer
 Re:PHP, MySql, Ajax Draggable Shopping Cart 
6:17 am

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The Ajax Shopping Cart was designed to allow developers to further customize and mofidy it as required. At the beginning it can be frustrating and difficult when it comes to dealing with both the reatively new Javascript libraries such as Prototype, Scriptaculous, and PHP at the same time. But once you understand the basic mechanics and processing functions, modifying it to fit your needs becomes an easy task. Below we provide you with a link of an article that can teach you the principles of the programming techniques of The Ajax Shopping Cart: &section=Javascript&division=AJAX+functions You may also see release notes posted throughout this PHP forum. Good Luck! Moderator#7 Erobo Software
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