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 3D Vector Drawer

Platform: Windows
Manufacturer: Erobo
Price: $49.99
File Size: 2 MB
License: Commercial
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3D Vector Drawer is a Windows application tool that allows users to create 3D models composed of vectors and polygons. The application works the same way as any other 3D drawing tool in which you can draw your objects while changing position, size, colors, opacity, and other custom settings to facilitate the creation of complex 3D models.

List Of Features

Create Drawings in Three-Dimensional space and make use of an extensive selection of options to allow the creation of true works of art, complex design documents, 3D worlds or product illustrations for both the Web and Desktop.
Complex Editing Options for Vectors / Shapes are available to allow Remodeling / Reshaping of your 3D Designs.
Create Triangular or Rectangular Polygons and change their color, size, appearance and position.
Apply Texture Images and customize their UVs on all polygons created. PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF types supported from the web or local.
Draw custom shapes with applied point lights that you can turn into Meshes with the ease of a few clicks.
Utilize the Geometry Extruder to draw elongated conical/rectangular/quadratic figures with editing capabilities.
Create Composite Object3Ds based on your geometry models and Rotate, Clone, Move, and Reshape them as desired.
Export to popular formats such as CSV, XML, CanvasX / Three.js format in JSON, or simple Javascript code that facilitate the process of porting your 3D Models to other types.
This 3D drawing tool has 100 % proven satisfactory construction results with current 3D sites using it in the cloud such as, etc.
Auto Update functionality is included to download and keep your app current with the latest enhancements, and bug fixes.

Screenshots / Sample Work

Screenshot 1 - Vectors Screenshot 2 - Polygons or Custom Geometry
Screenshot 3 - Extruded Cylinder Screenshot 4 - Extruded Cube
Screenshot 5 - Planes Screenshot 6 - Spheres
Screenshot 7 - Textures / UVs Screenshot 8 - Object3Ds (Rotate, Clone, Move)
Screenshot 9 - Lights Screenshot 10 - Text / Labels
Tutorial - Create Mesh and Export To Web Browser Virtual World - Lighthouse (CanvasX Engine)

Specification Requirements

CPU: x64, x86 processor.
Memory: 4 GB RAM (recommended minimum).
Hard disk space: 2 GB on the system disk (required to extract all components from the setup package during the product installation).
Network: Internet recommended due to auto update functionality (Check periodically).
Software / OS
The 64-bit or x86 versions of the following operating systems are supported:
Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 8.x
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
Microsoft Windows Vista