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 File To MySQL CMD Extension

Platform: Windows
Manufacturer: Erobo
Price: $19.99
File Size: 1.2 MB
License: Commercial
Purchase: Checkout

File to MySQL is a Command Line (CMD) tool that enables MySQL Server users to import their files into a MySQL Server Data Table. Users have the ability to select between multiple file formats including Microsoft Excel and choose a variety of options to transfer your data files in the most convenient way. For this application to work you will need to have previously purchased File To MySQL Application.

List Of Features

Transfer file types (txt, csv, xlsx (M Excel), xls (M Excel)) to MySQL Server.
Execute large data transfers (+1 Million Records) in less than 4 minutes.
Select previously saved session from File To MySQL to import a file from the Command Line Prompt.
Integrate with Task Scheduler / your favorite App and run in automation mode.

Screenshots / Sample Work

Screenshot 1 - Use on the Command Prompt

Software Prerequisites

File To MySQL Application
Release Note: This application works by reading a previously saved session from the File to MySQL App. Once started it will execute according to the session. Sample usage: FileToMySQLServerCMDExtension.exe /d C:\SamplePath\MyFileToSQLSession.fts

Software Requirements for File Types

File To MySQL Application
Microsoft Excel 06-17 [xlsx, xls] / CSV Excel, Access 06-17, OpenOffice Portable [csv]
Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable
Provider Download: Microsoft Access Engine Download Site
Text File Format [txt]
No additional Requirements

Specification Requirements

CPU: x64, x86 processor.
Memory: 4 GB RAM (recommended minimum).
Hard disk space: 2 GB on the system disk (required to extract all components from the setup package during the product installation).
Network: Internet recommended due to auto update functionality (Check periodically).
Software / OS
The 64-bit or x86 versions of the following operating systems are supported:
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 8.x
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
Microsoft Windows Vista
MySQL Drivers
ADO.NET driver for MySQL

 Fast Wave Encryptor - Javascript Compressor / Encryptor / Obfuscator (Web Version)

Platform: Windows, Macintosh, Linux
Manufacturer: Erobo
Price: $28.00
File Size: 1MB
License: Commercial Only
Purchase: Checkout

The Fast Wave Encryptor is a web application that allows users to protect their Javascript code from hackers and intruders looking to reproduce the same techniques and methods displayed in the client side of your application.

List Of Features

Encrypt long lines of Javascript code using Base64 encryption while paying effortless attention to any detail or formatting.
Automatically removes comments and supports encryption of large / complex regular expressions.
Includes progress bar option to track progress.
Tested with up to 1.1 Million characters. Takes 2 mins per each 10000 characters. 59 minutes for 1.1 Million.


Basic Demo Sample (Limited to 2000 characters)

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorial 1 - Learn to Encrypt or Obfuscate Large Javascript Files

Specification Requirements

Type: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.
HTML5: Required.
Device: Supported.