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Convert an INT to String inside a Stored Procedure in MS SQL Server
By: Erobo Team Member

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Learn a simple technique to convert any integer into a string inside a Stored Procedure in MS SQL Server.

You can call the function method sp_executesql to convert any integer parameter inside a stored procedure to its string equivalent.


 Code Snippet 1

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[USP_getPassengersINFO] 
  @passengerID int, 
  @busID int

  -- The idea is to create your sql statements strings with the
  -- representation of the integers as simple string variables prefixed with @.
  -- Then, on the actual call to retrieve the data we pass the integer variables.
  Declare @SQL NVarChar(3000);

  Select @SQL = 'SELECT DISTINCT passenger.*
               FROM passenger WHERE passenger.passID = @passengerID and
               passenger.busID = @busID';

  Exec sp_executesql @SQL, N'@passengerID int, @busID int ', @passengerID, @busID


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