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Get Image Dimensions in ASP.NET
By: Erobo Team Member

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Learn how to get the dimensions of any image in your server

In this article we demonstrate how to get the dimensions of any image located in your server. All you have to do is find the path of the image-- You can use Server.MapPath-- and then create an object of type System.Drawing.Image. See example below:

 Code Snippet 1

'Determine image width and height from an image in your server

Dim imgWidth 

Dim imgHeight

Dim ImagePath as String =  Server.MapPath("imagefolder/image.jpg")

'Create a new image object
System.Drawing.Image ImageObj = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(ImagePath)

'get image width
imgWidth = ImageObj.PhysicalDimension.Width

'get image height
imgHeight = ImageObj.PhysicalDimension.Height

Response.Write( imgWidth & "<br>" & vbCrlf)

Response.Write( imgHeight & "<br>" & vbCrlf)

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