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MS SQL User Defined Functions
By: Erobo Team Member

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Learn to use MS SQL user defined functions.

In this tutorial we will cover two common types of functions used in MS SQL. The first one named scalar functions which usually return a value (varchar, int, decimal) etc...

The second type are inline table user defined functions which return a complete table instead of just a value. You can use both types of functions to retrieve information from a table using the SELECT, WHERE or CASE SQL statements.

Scalar UDFs Example: Get table rows into a Single String

 Code Snippet 1

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.getAffData(@thisId int) 

    DECLARE @res VARCHAR(1000); 
    SET @res = ''
    SELECT @res = @res + j.affiliatedNames + ', '  
    FROM  dbo.affiliates j,  dbo.companyRecords c 
    WHERE = @thisId and j.deptid =;
    IF (LEN(@res) > 0) 
        SET @res = SUBSTRING(@res,1,LEN(@res)-1)
    RETURN @res;

You can use this function like this:

Select dbo.getAffData(7) as affiliatesString

Inline Table UDFs Example: Get data from a table

 Code Snippet 2

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.getEmployeeData
    ( @employeeName VARCHAR(40) ) 
SELECT  empId, empFirstName, empLastName, empCity, empDept
FROM    companyEmployees
WHERE   empName = @employeeName

You can usethis function like this

Select dbo.getEmployeeData(7) as employeeInfo

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