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Upload a File using AspUpload - Persists.Upload
By: Erobo Team Member

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Learn to upload a file using the AspUpload Object

To upload a file using Persists.Upload.1 Object your server must have installed the ASPUploadObject on the server.

Upload an Image file using SaveAs Method:
If you need to have control over which name to give the file once you upload it to the server you can create the following routine to accomplish just that:

 Code Snippet 1


'upload images to server

Server.ScriptTimeout = 3600

Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload.1")

Upload.OverwriteFiles = True

Dim dirpath

dirpath = server.mappath("/images/")

Count = Upload.Save(dirpath)

'retrieve image id from a form
imgID  = Upload.Form("imgID")

For Each Arq In Upload.Files

if Arq.Ext = ".jpg" OR Arq.Ext = ".gif"  then

' === RENAME IMAGE ===

Arq.SaveAs(dirpath & "\" & imgID & "sm" & Arq.Ext )

er = "There was an error Upload Image"
        Response.Write er
end if

Response.write "Upload image Successfull"


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