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Create a new ColdFusion Database Connection
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Learn to connect to the database using Coldfusion.

Here are the steps you need to follow to connect to the database using Coldfusion Mx.

1.connect to your coldfusion administrator

2.look for the data sources menu, then click ODBC. The ODBC Data Sources Available to ColdFusion page will be displayed.

3.enter a new data source name in the Data Source Name text box.

4.Choose one of the ODBC Drivers in the drop down box. E.g. myODBC mySQL Driver, or Oracle80 ODBC Driver.

5.Click the Add button to add the ODBC driver.

6.Now you can configure the settings to connect to your database.

Edit fields such as:
->The Data Source Name
->Database Description
->Database Name you are connecting to
->Server Host Name( name of the server that hosts your database )
->The Server Porttext ( default is 3306 )
->username and password

7.Click add connection

8. you can use it in your .cmf files the following way:

 Code Snippet 1

    <cftransaction action="BEGIN">

    <cfquery name="update" DATASOURCE="My new Connection" 
    GRADE='3 GRADE',


    <cftransaction action="COMMIT" />

    <cfset confirmationMsg="Table Students has been updated successfully">

    <font color="red">#confirmationMsg#</font>



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