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Import Large Files to SQL Server
By: Erobo Team Member

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Learn a technique to import large files (500k - 900k rows) into a SQL Server Instance

If you are having a hard time bringing large amounts of data from an Excel file, CSV file, or Text file into a SQL server instance, or you simply want a tool to automatically bring your files with the ease of a few clicks, you can try the File To SQL Server data tool. This is the idea tool to use when you have to do lots of data transfers or need to move extremely large amounts of data into a sql server data table.

In this case once you download the tool from the online store you can proceed to do the following steps:

1. Setup the connection source to your sql server instance and the connection source to your file:

2. Choose the data transfer options:

3. Transfer the data:

And that's it, hope you enjoy!

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