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Create a Simple Motion
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Simple techniques to create a simple motion in actionscript.

Actionscript is the programming language used to create motions for your .swf animation files. To start with, let's define what an animation is:

What is an animation?
To give life to; fill with life any images you may have.

How can we create an animation?
To make, design, or produce ( a cartoon, for example) so as to create the illusion of motion.

let's create some actionScript code that can represent motions using simple lines:

 Code Snippet 1


function init()
    //define x, y points for our object moving

    var movingPoints:Array = new Array();

    for(var u = 0; u < 50; u++)
        movingPoints[u] = new Object();
        movingPoints[u].x = Math.random() * Stage.width;
        movingPoints[u].y = Math.random() * Stage.height;


    //now move to the first point

    moveTo(movingPoints[0].x, movingPoints[0].y);

    //and loop through each next successive pair

    for( z = 1; z < movingPoints.length; z+=5)

       //move to the next points

       //1: straight line

       lineTo(movingPoints[z].x, movingPoints[z].y);

       //2:or curve line

       curveTo(movingPoints[z].x, movingPoints[z].y,
               movingPoints[z + 1].x, movingPoints[z + 1].y);



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