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Learn to style form elements using Javascript and CSS
By: Erobo Team Member

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In this tutorial we will learn how to style input boxes, textareas, and other form elements using javascript and CSS.

Part 1: Style Form Buttons

You can use the Javascript methods onmouseover and onmouseout to change the style of your html buttons.

Example 1:

Change the text color of a button:

Code for Example 1

 Code Snippet 1

 <script language="Javascript">

function changeColor(thisButton, newcolor) { = newcolor


<input type="button" name="btnex1" value="Click Me" 

Example 2:

Change the background and color of a button

Code for Example 2

 Code Snippet 2

 <script language="Javascript">

function changeColor2(thisButton, newcolor) { = newcolor


<input type="button" name="btnex1" value="Click Me" 

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