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A Simple Integer / Decimal Input Validator
By: Erobo Team Member

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Learn to build a simple integer / decimal validator for your forms.

In this tutorial we will learn how to validate an input field that requires only integers or decimal values. Sometimes this type of validation is necessary because it can prevent database SQL errors and / or anomalies. In the following script we show you how to install a simple Javascript input validator that can prevent users from entering nonnumeric characters or invalid numbers.

*Note: The method described below can valiate negative or positive integers/decimals numbers.

Please look at the following example:

Check for Valid Numbers:
Enter a Positive Integer:
Enter Integer or Decimal Number:
Enter a Positive / Negative Number or Decimal Number:

Let's create this simple javascript in a simple 2 Step process.

Step 1: Create the Javascript

 Code Snippet 1
<script language="Javascript">

function isNumber(s , checkFloat, checkNegative) {
     var Found = false
     var i;
     var dCheck = false
     for (i = 0; i < s.length; i++)
         // Check that current character is number.
         var c = s.charAt(i);

         if((c == "-") && (i == 0) && (s.length > 0)) {
           //check negative numbers
           if(checkNegative == false) {
             Found = true
         else {
           if( ((c == ".") && (checkFloat == true) && (dCheck == false)))
           //pass . operator when checking decimal value
             dCheck = true
           else if (((c < "0") || (c > "9")))
               Found = true
     if( s.length == 0)
         Found = true

     if(Found == true)
      alert("Please enter a valid number")
        alert("this number is valid")

Step 2: Create a Simple form where you can use the javascript described above:

 Code Snippet 2

<form name="check_numbers">
<table border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse">
     <td colspan="3">Check for Valid Numbers:</td>
     <td>Enter a Positive Integer:</td>
     <td><input type="text" name="myInteger"></td>
     <td><input type="button" value="validate"
      onclick="isNumber(this.form.myInteger.value, false, false)"></td>
     <td>Enter Integer or Decimal Number:</td>
     <td><input type="text" name="myInteger2"></td>
     <td><input type="button" value="validate"
      onclick="isNumber(this.form.myInteger2.value, true, false)"></td>
     <td>Enter a Positive / Negative Number or Decimal Number:</td>
     <td><input type="text" name="myInteger3"></td>
     <td><input type="button" value="validate"
      onclick="isNumber(this.form.myInteger3.value, true, true)"></td>

The end. Good luck!.

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