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PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Draggable Shopping Cart
By: Erobo Software

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The Ajax Shopping Cart comes with drag and drop technology, as well as an advanced user interface, easy installation, more than 5 payment gateways, 20+ currencies, and an utilities interface.

The Shopping Cart is 40,000 lines of code written in PHP > 4.0 and the Javascript Frameworks Prototype and It uses a MySQL database ≥ 4.0.

List of Features

  • Drag and Drop Technology
  • Auto Scrollable Basket (see demos to see how it works)
  • Real Time Total Calculation
  • Advanced User Interface, Mobile User Interface, and Device Detection for [ + Others ]
  • User's Registration: Admins, Regular Users, User Order History, User Reviews
  • 20+ Currencies
  • Internal Ordering Processing System (checkout process, email confirmation, back-end order processing-- invoicing, order status, etc..)
  • Pre-Installed payment gateways. Paypal Redirect, Paypal Direct, Authotize.NET, Google Checkout, and modules are included among others.(more can be added)
  • XML Shipping Calculation module (USPS--US Postal Service based only).
  • Easy Database Installation Scripts
  • Layout Options, including 6 colors available, 2 view types, 2 menu types, etc
  • Easy to Customize and Modify
  • Advanced Static Types Options and Configurations New
  • Cross-Browser (Now running on Prototype 1.7, compatible with IE 11 and Firefox > 4) New
  • Administration Reports with Advanced Filtering Options New
  • Fully Customizable Mobile Navigation [?] New

New Demos Available for Version 10.3

Color Currency Type Layout
Static Type [?] Front-end Link Back-end Link
Orange US Dollars ($) Narrow View Start Demo Start Demo
Blue Euro () Wide View Start Demo Start Demo
Green Egyptian Pound () Narrow View Start Demo Start Demo


Purchase Options

The Ajax Shopping Cart uses a commercial type license and is only available for $29.99 (US Dollars).
Click here to purchase using PayPal. You can also order a custom shopping cart by clicking here.


If you already own a copy of the shopping cart and want to upgrade to the latest version, or need to add a new module click here.

Release Notes

Check out the release notes for the Ajax Shopping Cart: release notes.

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