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Get all files from a folder
By: Erobo Team Member

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Learn to get all files from a single folder in your server using PHP.

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to get all files from a folder in your server. Then we will show you how to access the content of each file.

Step 1: Create Get all files from a folder in PHP
We first need to create a method that can pull out all the files from a folder so that we can edit each of them.

 Code Snippet 1

  //Function get all files from a directory
  function dirList ($directory) 

    // create an array to hold directory list
    $results = array();

    // create a handler for the directory
    $handler = opendir($directory);

    // keep going until all files in directory have been read
    while ($file = readdir($handler)) {

        // if $file isn't this directory or its parent, 
        // add it to the results array
        if ($file != '.' && $file != '..')
            $results[] = $file;

    // tidy up: close the handler

    // done!
    return $results;


Step 2: Create a file processor
We need to create a script that uses the dirList method to get all the files from a folder. Then we will use two simple loops to edit each and every line of each of the files in that folder.

 Code Snippet 2

 //myresult contains an array with all
 //files from a directory
 $myresult = dirList("thisdirectory/");
 for($i = 0; $i < count($myresult); $i++)
     //create a an array to hold the contents of the file being edited

     $arr = file("" . $myresult[$i] );

     $file = 'thisdirectory/' . $myresult[$i];
     //open current file to be edited
     $fh = fopen($file, 'w') or die("can't open file");

     for($z = 0; $z < count($arr); $z++)
        //get a line from the current file being edited
        $stringData = $arr[$z];
        //add something to the line
        $stringData = $stringData . " add this to this line";
        fwrite($fh, $stringData);



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