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Terms and Conditions
Erobo Software makes clear the following issues:

  • Erobo Software services are provided to our customers through our online system, and in most of the cases transactions will take place in the member's area (Our online member's system offers payments methods as well as ways to review your current orders) . We also provide live technical support through our live chat system and other resources. Tracking and progress of user's services and orders is available to our customers through the member's Task Manager. Termination fees are also imposed when our clients decide to cancel / terminate contract for their services/products under development after a certain amount of time. This includes user's programs, web-sites, javascripts, applets, custom dlls, executables, etc.. Cancellation window for development is usually less than 2 weeks.

  • Erobo acknowledges that projects or requests submitted will be carefully analized, and reviewed before we give them an estimate of the time it will take us to develop as well as approximate cost. (Hourly rates are around 23.00 US dollars). Payments will be made through our online member's system. Thus, it is the user's responsibility to sign in to their account in order to review, monitor, and pay current orders (Payments will be processed by Square). Invoicing will also be recorded for transaction history purposes.

  • Erobo takes users' suggestions, and / or ideas on their developing programs, web-sites, and the rest of the erobo product line in any way after a project plan has been submitted. Users have the option to alter current project plans even after an initial agreement is in place. Usually, on Erobo we always strive to give you the best service and attention to your recommendations and deliverables while your program is still on development. Users who have additional questions may be able to contact our customer support at or use your member contact to send your requests, reviews, opinions, suggestions, etc.

  • Erobo will determine the payment deadlines for the customers' orders as soon as they authorize us to start building the program/web-site etc. Please be aware that a deposit of exactly 1/4 of the total cost of your order is mandatory. Once you pay that amount work will begin promptly. Finally, the cost of your program must be paid in full by the time we deliver the final version to you.

  • Erobo offers extra services to our members that guarantee better customer handling and improved services. However, Erobo does not tolerate aggressive, offensive or disorderly conduct against any of our Customer Care Representatives, or any person in the Erobo Community.