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What is Erobo Software?
We are a Software Company offering consulting services for companies that work or rely on computer software. Moreover, we are dedicated professionals providing guidence and support in the coding process of all types of software applications for businesses across America.
What services do you offer?
We offer services both for customers and clients who are simple regular computer users, as well as developers and computer techs looking to strengthen their knowledge and solve their problems using our programming languages libraries and communications tools.
Why do I need to Register to the Forums before I can post questions in them?
Regular users and developers have to register to the forums because is the only way we can control and monitor the messages that are posted in them. This prevents people from posting unwanted or unrelated messages and help you to keep your identity in our community.
Does Erobo Software offers website redesign services and can they make changes in the infrastructure of major software systems?
Updating, fixing, and maintaining websites are some of our every day duties. Once a client sends a workorder for a particular website to Erobo, our team takes immediate action to get the issue completed in the less amount of time and with cost effective rates. On the other hand, our engineers are capable of improving / modifying the infrastructure of current (Complex) systems that are operational within a reasonable amount of time.
What programming languages do you work with?
We work with all the current industry standard software available today. That is, from software used in the development of operating systems-- like C++ and C-- to web service languages and scripting technologies such as ASP and PHP.